Stripe Fee Calculator

by Bob Singor ยท Updated November 22, 2020

When choosing a payment gateway for your startup you should ideally find one that is easy to integrate and will support the payment methods you want to accept. Of course, the pricing of a payment infastructure is also important, especially since this will likely be a long-term relationship throughout the course of the company.

We found Stripe offers the best intersection of these qualities for us as a cloud-based Saas company. They specialize in subscription-based structures and we found their processes for registration, upgrading and cancelation very straightforward.

We are sharing our Stripe fee calculator for your use as you weigh the payment gateway options. You can also use it to compare the fees for Braintree and Bluesnap.



When charging $0.00 you receive



To receive $0.00 you charge



The amounts are calculated based on the non-European cards fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.